“Improving quality in interdisciplinary primary care is possible through the collaboration of resources and information.”




Facilitate Information Sharing

By facilitating information sharing between the Health Professionals and Teams, lessons learned can be shared. The concept of Collaboration is central to this strategy, so that a Health Professional or Team will not need to reinvent the wheel at each stage of its development. By drawing on the expertise of health care providers, administrators, associations and researchers, as well as relevant resources available from other jurisdictions.

This website enables Health Professionals and Teams to use or adapt this information to their own situation. Examples include:

  • Approaches for implementing innovative programs
  • Program support materials
  • Practical resources such as training modules
  • Sample documents such as contracts, forms, reports, treatment algorithms, etc.
  • Links to other helpful websites

Easy To Find Information

Health Professionals can use this site to:

  • Find information based on location – provincial, national or international. Click on the headings to view weblinks to useful sites.
  • Find information based on topic areas, such as:
    • Collaboratives
    • Quality Improvement
    • Team Development
    • Technology/IT/EMR
    • Accessibility
    • Health Promotion
    • Self-management Support
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Evaluation
  • Search for specific types of resources such as tools, guides, templates, and samples.
  • Search for resources for discipline leads that are discipline-specific, such as:
    • Physician
    • NP/RN
    • Pharmacist
    • Dietician
    • Administration


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